Libertarian National Committee Region 7

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

News from the Region!

The news in a moment -

Florida -

LP Florida's treasurer needs your help to reduce spending! If you live in Florida, print and sign this - Petition to End Mobile Irrigation Labs. Thank you, Jack!

Oregon -

LP Oregon just held a fundraising event with Bob Barr! Reports are that it was a very successful event, and that much of the credit for organizing goes to Joe Cornwell! Thanks, folks! For all you do.

Washington -

Is in the midst of a ballot access drive. Due to our onerous election law, we have to advertise a "Nominating Convention", then show up at the advertised place and time, and collect signatures. We need a minimum of 1,250 signatures by July 25 to get the Libertarian Party on the ballot.

In Idaho, there's an incredible older gentleman named Ralph Smeed. Among other things, he maintains a reader board just outside of Boise. Read what he has to say on it here . . . and if that's not all, he maintains an excellent website for Making Statism Unpopular.

Rich Shephard, Freedom Fighter, attorney, and one of Washington State's Activists of the Year, turned us on to this awesome website, with all kinds of freedom literature in several formats . . . check it out! There's also a forum for discussion.

Are you an activist who has devoted your Time, Treasure and/or Sacred Honor to the cause? If you've put money, effort or a campaign or service in a position where you influence public policy or government, then comment here, or eMail Or nominate yourfriends, colleagues, or fellow activists. I need name, address, phone number or eMail address, and what you've done. This is the prototype for a project.