Libertarian National Committee Region 7

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jack Tanner, Libertarian hero

What happens when a gentle 74 year old man sees an injustice; a waste of taxpayer resource?

If that man is Libertarian Jack Tanner, eventually, a wasteful government program is ended.

What would out world be like if each of us did what we could to change the world around us?  To right a wrong?

Could you afford 15 minutes a day, or an hour or two a week?  Watch here in January for ideas on how to help . . .

Can you afford a couple of dollars a week?  Call Louise at 202.333.0008 to make a monthly pledge - make it the best one you can afford, we love those big dollar donations, but even $10-20 month is a great help.  You can also make one time donations at  Either way, tell them Rachel sent you.  And thanks! 

Go out and make it a gentle day!   :o)