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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Region 7 formed!

The 2008 Libertarian National Convention was a blast! Good company, a gorgeous place, and great weather . . . except for a few tornados in the area.

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, we nominated Bob Barr for President, and Wayne Allyn Root for VP. Bill Redpath was re-elected to National Chair, Mike Jingozian to Vice Chair. Many other elections - some to note: Mary Ruwart, Lee Wrights, Angela Keaton to At Large positions on the LNC.

Since the LP no longer has geographic regions for representation to the Libertarian National Committee (LNC), we form new regions at each convention.

This year, we formed a new region that encompasses Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Florida and Hawaii. I think of it as the Three Corners Region. Officially, we are Region 7.

I am Rachel Hawkridge from Washington State, and it will be my honor and privilege to serve as your representative to the LNC. My (our!) Alternate is Steve LaBianca, from Florida. I'll have him introduce himself as he can.

Who I am . . .

13 year LP member (and pledger)
City Council Candidate twice
Former Elected PCO
1999 LPWS Activist of the Year
Ran Initiative Petition Drive
Managed Supreme Court Justice campaign
Organized and participated in several large protests
- one, a march of ~3000 people
Works well with media – will help you, if needed
State Convention Chair 2008, where I had
- 40 paid registrations
- 6 candidates
My regular LPWA Office Hours – Wed 10-2p
Fairly computer literate :o)

This blog is one of the tools that I intend to use to facilitate communication with the Region. Look for weekly updates here.

Email me with news of your city or state . . . I’ll post it here. Email me with a concern about LNC, or a problem that needs to go to LNC, and I’ll get back to you within two business days.

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