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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The LPNH flap . . . it's not a conspiracy

There was a recent story on a couple of blogs that contains some information that is factually incorrect. Here is a more accurate description of the story, reposted in its entirety from Ballot Access News, by Richard Winger . . .

Why the New Hampshire Libertarian Party Ought to Sue Over Substitution

August 20th, 2008

The New Hampshire Libertarian Party’s position on whether to participate in a proposed lawsuit on substitution is not clear. I have just arrived home from a vacation and this evening, it is too late for me to telephone any New Hampshire Libertarian Party officials.

New Hampshire ballot access is far worse than most people realize. The Green Party has only succeeded in getting on the New Hampshire ballot statewide once, in 2000. The Natural Law Party failed in both 1996 and 2000 in New Hampshire. The Constitution Party failed in both 2004 and 2008 in New Hampshire. The Libertarian Party failed for president in two states in 2004, New Hampshire and Oklahoma. Also, in 2006, the Libertarian Party had only two statewide petition failures, Alabama and New Hampshire.

New Hampshire’s legislature has been very hostile to minor party and independent candidate ballot access. Many bills to improve the law have been introduced during the past ten years, but none of them passed in either House. The Secretary of State is hostile, and the legislature will not approve any election law change that he opposes.

The best way to persuade a state legislature to improve ballot access laws is to win a lawsuit against one of the ballot access laws. The New Hampshire policy forbidding substitution can probably be defeated in court, if the New Hampshire Libertarian Party will help that effort. New Hampshire is one of only two states which has never had any ballot access law declared unconstitutional. A winning lawsuit on substitution could be the key to winning additional ballot access reform in New Hampshire. The substitution lawsuit is an opportunity that should not be wasted. is link to the newsletter and forum. Thanks to Richard Winger for permission to repost. If you haven't seen Ballot Access News - please do so. It's a great source.

More from Rachel . . .

I was not left out of any decisions. Some of it was decided before I came to the LNC. There was also some lack of communication, but there was no conspiracy, nor did anyone leave me out of any decision. I hope that this settles the matter in your minds.

As you may know - the September LNC meeting fast approaches. At that meeting, one thing we will do is to put together the Bylaws Committee for next convention. If you would like to apply for one of those positions, please eMail your qualifications to, and so me - The appointment requires at least one face-to-face meeting, so be prepared to travel. Experience as a parliamentarian is also desired, though not required. Having held elective office might also be a plus, as would previous experience on committees, especially LP bylaws, judicial or platform. Please send your application as soon as possible, and good luck! :o)

It appears that all the states in out region have ballot access, so GREAT JOB to all! And any other issues that you have concerns about, or want to take to the LNC, please contact me, eMail preferred, so that I can see, study, research before we talk, or before the meeting.

Time is running out to hold a Barr meet and greet, or full blown fundraiser. The campaign would appreciate any help that you can give. Colorado held this month that they planned and executed in about 48 hours. Even with the short notice, they had a great event, and had probably 80 people attend (estimate), and raised $10,000. It was drinks, hors d'eouvres in the State Chair's house (and yard!) They collected $5 cash from attendees for food and drinks, and Bob Barr spoke for a few minutes. Donation envelopes were passed around, and Travis (host) gave big donors a bottle of "Barr Bear" - his special hefeweizen. Great job, LP of Colorado, and Arapahoe County.

If any of you want to do something similar, I will do what I can to help. While you may know that I am not totally supportive of the Barr candidacy, I will help *you*, and I want Barr to succeed for the LP.

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