Libertarian National Committee Region 7

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Agenda San Diego LNC Meeting

Libertarian National Committee, Inc.
December 6-7, 2008 Meeting Agenda
San Diego, California

Saturday, December 6, 2008 & Sunday, December 7, 2008

Call to Order 8:30 AM

Moment of Reflection 1 minute
Opportunity for Public Comment 10 minutes
Credentials Report and Paperwork Check (Secretary) 5 minutes
Report of Potential Conflicts of Interest 5 minutes
Approval of the Agenda 5 minutes

Standing Reports
Chair's Report 20 minutes
Treasurer's Report 30 minutes
Secretary's Report 10 minutes

Wayne Allyn Root to Address the LNC 30 minutes
Discipline of Angela Keaton 30 minutes

Staff Report
Staff Reports 60 minutes
Counsel's Report 15 minutes

Action Items Previously Submitted in Writing
0 minutes

Reports Previously Submitted in Writing
Campus Organizing Report (Lark) 5 minutes
Various Regions 5 minutes per

Action Items Not Previously Submitted in Writing

Mission Statement (Hawkridge) 60 minutes
Goals (Lark/Dixon) 60 minutes
Executive Director Search (Colley) 10 minutes
Budget 2009 (Starr) (already submitted in writing) 120 minutes
Convention 2010 (Colley) 15 minutes
Convention Electronic Voting Demonstration (Mattson) 30 minutes
Bylaws Committee Report (Karlan) 10 minutes
LNCC Report (Hawkridge) 10 minutes
Policy Manual Amendment—Authorization of Lawsuits (Lark) 20 minutes
Policy Manual Amendment—Mail Ballot Reporting (Karlan) 10 minutes
LNC Meeting Video Recording & Archiving (Keaton) 15 minutes
Executive Session Minutes/Confidentiality (Fox) 15 minutes
LP News Content (Keaton) 15 minutes

Set LNC Meeting Dates for July orAug. & Nov. or Dec. 2009 15 minutes
Opportunity for Public Comment 10 minutes



George Donnelly said...

This is great, thank you.

But are there any plans to post it to

George Phillies said...

Discipline of Angela Keaton:

Who are the accusers?
What are the charges?

LNC Region 7 said...

George Donnelly -

In my experience, that hasn't happened. I'd like for it to change.

If you will write a quick,polite (altho you usually are, with requests - thank you!) that agendas be *published* as soon as released to LNC, and eMail it to,, I'LL TRY TO GET IT INTO THE MINUTES AS PUBLIC COMMENT. (Sorry about caps.) As a back-up, we can ask some of the others to add it to their comments.

George Phillies -

As of this morning, there has been no communication on that, despite Angela's questioning.

George Donnelly said...

Yes I know. Let me rephrase, when is Mr Sullentrup going to start doing the part of his job that involves making important documents available to the membership? :)

Rachel, I will do that. Thanks!

LNC Region 7 said...

Actually, I just realized that any comments that I get really soon can be sent to Robert Kraus, with a request that they be included in the binder.

Can you do that ASAP?

George Phillies - you too? COmments on Angela and minutes?

George Donnelly said...

Rachel, just sent my comment, as you suggested.

Comment: "Please publish LNC meeting agendas on concurrently with distribution to LNC members and at least 7 days prior to each LNC meeting, as specified in the LNC Policy Manual. Thank you."

George Donnelly said...

Expect Keaton to be Removed from the LNC

The Mudslinger said...

What? NO LUNCH! The slavedrivers!

LNC Region 7 said...

Rest assured, Rachel don't miss lunch!

Point of personal privilege . . .


George Phillies said...

Also, the full LNC budget data, which includes the proposed budget for next year, can be read at