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Thursday, November 13, 2008

War Sucks! Veterans, families, art

Veterans day was earlier this week.  I know that.  I appreciate the service of our veterans so much.
Do you know that there are people here on the civilian front who are making heroic efforts to serve our military?
Some of them are the fine folks at  It's pledge time for them, and they need your help!
      is a 501(c)3, so your contributions are tax-deductible.  These people fight the good fight everyday, doing everything they can to stop this, this and this.
This kind of work is not easy - spending all your days immersed in heartbreak, suffering, and injustice requires a special kind of strength.  Show them how much you appreciate it.
How much we appreciate it.
And here in Washington State, there's another hero.  A Vietnam Vet who served his country honorably and admirably.  And decades later, this fabulous artist gave up his job, his routine, all semblance of a personal life to "bring home the troops".
He does it in another way . . . Michael Reagan is an artist.  He spends his days (and nights) drawing portraits of Fallen Soldiers for their families.
He gets no salary, he works for love, and at great personal expense.  He "feels" each soldier at a level I can't even imagine; but I can see.
Look into the eyes of these heroes, and you will too.  It costs about $250 to produce each of these portraits; Mr. Reagan has completed 1200 of them.
"It's all about Love and Respect, we will <b>never</b> forget!"

Help fulfill this mission here.

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