Libertarian National Committee Region 7

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lp Oregon Convention

The Libertarian Party of Oregon held our convention March 14 & March
15. Here are the list of officers and e-mail information.

Chairman: Joseph Cornwell
Vice-chariman: Marc Delphine
Secretary: Christiana Mayer
Treasurer: Justin Grover

Thanks and CONGRATULATIONS to all of these courageous individuals for taking on the working positions! We really appreciate your work for Liberty.

There were numerous changes made to the bylaws, including deleting the Non-Aggression Pledge (NAP). The one included in Oregon's bylaws was flawed - it said "use of force" rather than "initiation of force", but in light of the MIAC report that was just making the news at that time, I'm not convinced that letting go of NAP is a good idea.

Oregon's Convention was a good time, and a lot was accomplished. We had some fun, dinner with our friends, and listening to a great speaker at lunch on the Heller decision.

Plan on attending next year . . . maybe a joint convention - Washington and Oregon?

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