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Monday, June 22, 2009

Convention Delegate's Manual - 2010 St. Louis, MO

As it looks like the Delegate Manual for Convention '10 may not be printed, please be prepared by reading and or printing.

State Chairs - would you please check your delegate totals, membership totals, etc. and make sure that they are correct?

Bob Sullentrup to statechairs, lnc-discuss Jun 21

Dear State Chairs:

As you may or may not know, convention delegate allocation is based on two factors:

1. The vote totals by state for our most recent presidential nominee and

2. The sustaining membership counts by state six months before the convention.

The Delegation Chair’s Manual posted a couple of months back:'s%20Manual%202010.pdf

explains all of this. See pages 22-23 for the delegate allocations. Please review and let me know of any corrections to the presidential vote totals by July 1.

Meanwhile, it has been my practice since I became Secretary to produce Delegation Chairs Manuals for each of the affiliates. I did so because one of the things my predecessor, Steve Givot, said to me when I took over for him 57 days before the Atlanta Convention in 2004 was “you won’t believe the number of simple-minded questions you will get including ‘how many delegates does our state get?’.”

As volunteer leaders of the Party who have achieved our positions because we are responsible and get things done, we all lead busy lives. How could Steve expect people to remember the details of an e-mail they had received back in January? It seemed to me this problem was a simple matter of communication that a DCM could solve. I have never gotten one question at any of the three conventions I’ve served as secretary about delegate allocation or much of anything else administrative that could not be looked up in the DCM. This is important because I tend to be, if you will forgive the Missouri Ozark colloquialism, busier than a one-legged man in an a$$ kicking contest.

My question for you is this. Should I produce hardcopy DCMs for St. Louis 2010 (May 29-31 over Memorial Day)? I suspect someone in your delegation will have a laptop and could be persuaded to download the PDF from the link above. The DCMs typically cost about $15 to produce and ship – courtesy of Diane and me -- and I would otherwise donate the savings to the Party to use for other purposes.

Bob Sullentrup

National Secretary

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