Libertarian National Committee Region 7

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some things definitely got done!

Some important things that got done . . .

We have a Bylaws Committee!

Ruth Bennett
Gene Hawkridge
Dan Karlan
Rob Latham
Frank Manske (Alt)
Chuck Moulton
Rob Oates
Bill Redpath
Nick Sarwark
Heather Scott
Aaron Starr

Dan Karlan is interim chair.

Congratulations all, and thanks for agreeing to serve.

Campaign Finance Lawsuit - we will be represented by Alan Gura (who WON the Heller case!) in a lawsuit challenging BCRA on bequests to political parties. Mr. Gura will not be able to file until at least mid-November, and he's giving us an incredible deal on his services. We're barely paying him more than expenses, IMO.

We passed an Afghanistan War resolution . . . I'll edit the language in here soon.

More stuff soon . . . my plane has finally arrived! :o)

Y'all have a gentle day . . . :o)

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