Libertarian National Committee Region 7

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Executive Session on Saturday

Executive Session Saturday –

Primary topic of discussion was the BCRA lawsuit – Alan Gura came to talk to us this. The need to keep it confidential should be obvious – we can’t make our stategy public. If we were to announce to the world that LP is going to sue gov’t because gov’t steals ice cream from babies, then all they need to do is to stop stealing from babies, or come up with witnesses that swear they didn’t. Case dead.

We came out of Exec Session, immediately moved to thank Alan Gura*, then second motion was made to file lawsuit, with a date, a preliminary budget, and projected payment. Motion seconded, voted. Passed.

This is one of the important, substantive issues addressed this past weekend, and while I’ve written about in more than one place, and definitely in this blog; apparently, few read enough or closely enough to pay attention.

Campaign finance reform is the issue for third parties - it cripples us. Especially Libertarians, as the Ds and Rs take your federal tax dollars for conventions. We pay for our own.

*Alan Gura is the attorney who won the Heller case. He's a hero, an he's giving us an incredible deal.


Richard Shepard said...

Campaign finance is a major issue for third parties. But so is ordinary election law. Ballot access and plurality voting are also major stumbling blocks for third parties. Its just that campaign finance is sexier.

LNC Region 7 said...

.:shudder:. BCRA, sexy? ugh!