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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Internet recruiter . . . :o)

This morning, I received this note. It was written by a young man who is not a member of the party, but a "natural born" libertarian; h
e was raised by two. It was forwarded by his Dad, who is understandably proud.


But here, dad, I got good info for you... I think I'm making libertarians on Quizilla. I published a quiz on there called "What Political Party Are You?"

The quiz asked questions to get personality traits of people so I could associate them either with being democrats, republicans, or libertarians. Each answer, had an explanation of what each party represented. I explained how democrats were never happy and always wanted to change something or enact a new law, how republicans feared change and just wanted to leave things as they are (with them in control), and how libertarians just wanted the government to have less power, and to stay out of other people's business. Almost immediately after posting this quiz, this asian girl sends me a message telling me that my description of a libertarian sounded just like her, and that she's happy to know what political party she is now, and says she's "a proud libertarian or whatever you called it." - her words.

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Anonymous said...

Somewhat in the same vein. I have been complaining elsewhere about the lack of literature available for us to tell the world what we are all about. If we, that being the LP, do not tell our story we cannot expect someone else to do so for us. To that end if national does not improve the literature package then I plan on making some myself begining after the first of the year. Maybe I can talk some of you in other areas of the region into participating. Either way I hope to be at the next convention and it would be nice to go in with maybe a dozen new pamphlets at our own table in the exhibition hall and show some people what can be done. Any takers?