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Friday, September 26, 2008

Not a Region 7 candidate, but . . . awesome Libertarian!

For those of you who don't know, Libertarian Mike Munger is running for Governor in North Carolina.

He has had an incredible battle; getting ballot access and getting the statists to take him seriously.

And this week, Dr. Mike Munger, chair of the Political Science Department and appointed to both the Economics and Public Policy departments at Duke University, got into the debates.

Dr. Munger is appealing to Democrats and an editorial in the News & Observer said "Munger offered some interesting and in some cases commendable views -- allowing illegal immigrants to study at state community colleges (McCrory and Perdue oppose that), calling financial incentives for corporations "economic prostitution" and saying he's opposed to the death penalty. Of course, the Libertarian philosophy generally is one of minimal government and maximum individual choice."

A nice bio of Dr. Munger . . .

Archived papers and podcasts

His blog, Rights of Man

So the message is . . . sometimes, the good guys do win . . . battles, if not the war. And Dr. Munger may surprise us and win the war.

Thank you for putting Your Time, Your Treasure, and Your Sacred Honor on the line, Mike . . .

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