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Saturday, September 6, 2008

On 6/9/08, Rachel H. for LPWA Communications wrote:

Colleagues –

The new website contains this note: (at the bottom of the "Leadership" page) . . .

"* Perhaps the most important task that is expected from a board member of the Libertarian National Committee is to raise funds for the organization through a combination of personal contributions and funds raised through personal solicitations. The amounts here reflect the total contributions received from or raised by the board member during his or her term so far. The amounts shown are as of 06/05/08."

And, while I feel it is important that ALL LP members raise money – I must strenuously object that the LNC's most important task is fundraising.

The LNC is charged with "control and management of all the affairs, properties
and funds of the Party consistent with these Bylaws . . . establish and oversee an organizational structure to implement the purposes of the Party as stated in Article 3 . . . adopt rules of procedure for the conduct of its meetings and the carrying out of its duties and responsibilities" per the Bylaws.

In my rarely humble opinion, describing the LNC's paramount duty as fundraising, and elevating this activity to something higher than the body's purpose as defined in the Bylaws, minimizes the nature and duties of the body.

For goodness' sake, it's like saying that that prime directive of the US Government is to raise money . . . OK, that's not a good example. That IS the US Gov't Prime Directive.

But it's not ours. The LNC is a governing body, not a fundraising group. Or do we all believe that we could hire an ad agency and fundraising guru to oversee LP business?

And we do our members a disservice to tell them that as their representatives, our primary duty is to raise money.

Sounds like Principle is second to Cash? Forget what our Bylaws say are duties, we answer only to ca$h.

Second point – the totals shown are no longer valid. These are new terms. Unless someone has raised $$ since Denver, it's not "this term". Also per Bylaws, new term begins at end of Convention.


In Liberty,

Rachel Hawkridge
Libertarian Party
Region 7 Representative

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