Libertarian National Committee Region 7

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Submitted to: Libertarian National Committee, Aug. 29, 2008

Submitted by: Rachel W. Hawkridge, Region 7 Representative, Libertarian National Committee

This report will provide information concerning activities of the Libertarian Party state affiliates in Region 7 since the Region formation in May 2008.

I attended the annual Libertarian Party of Oregon’s convention in Salem, OR and the Libertarian Party of Idaho’s convention in Caldwell, ID.


Florida has fielded an awesome slate of candidates, including four unopposed candidates for local boards. They’ve elected one to New Port Richey Mayor!

And Florida is already preparing for the 2010 elections, as State Chair Karl Dickey has already filed for Palm Beach County Commissioner.

Brevard County Commission, Ilene Davis

Collier County Soil & Water Board

Bruce Reichert - Seat 1 (Unopposed)

J. Adam Mitchell - Seat 4 (Unopposed)

Duval County Soil & Water Board, Jeff Hunt

Hillsborough County Soil and Water Conservation Board

AJ Brent - District 2

Jeff Garbus - Seat 4

Tyson Richmond - District 4

Lee Soil and Water Conservation District

Jack Tanner - Seat 4 (Unopposed) – note: Jack has been running a petitioning drive to stop funding mobile irrigation labs

Orange Soil & Water Conservation District

Randy Whiting - Seat 1

J.J. McCurry - Seat 3

Diane Rozek - Seat 5

Jupiter Inlet Commission, Bradford Schmidt - Dist 5

Palm Beach Soil & Water Conservation

Mike McIntosh - Group 2

Howard Horowitz - Group 4 (Unopposed!)

New Port Richey Mayor, Scott McPherson (WON!)

West Volusia Hospital Authority, Tracy Lunquist (Group A, Seat 1)

2010 Election Cycle - Palm Beach County Commission

Karl Dickey - Seat 4 (filed)

Florida has also asked that the LNC ask Tom Stevens to resign his Judicial Committee seat, since he is on the ballot as the presidential candidate of another party. We feel that it is inappropriate for the candidate of another party to hold elected office within our party.


Unfortunately, I have not been successful at establishing a good connection with Hawai’i since leaving Denver. I have had brief contacts with them, but Ms Li Schoolland has been in Lithuania, teaching English, and I expect that on her return we will make contact.


The Libertarian Party of Idaho held its biennial convention on Saturday, June 21st in Caldwell at the home of State Chair, Rob Oates. There was a potluck BBQ followed by a business meeting and election of officers.

Idaho nominated Marvin Gardner for State Representative District 15 Position B, Kent Marmon for US Senate, and Mikel Hautzinger for State Representative District 17 Position A.

James L. Oyler for State Representative District 17 Position B, and Rex W. Kerr for State Representative District 20 Position A also ran as Libertarians.

Hautzinger, Kerr, Gardner and Oyler have all passed the Primary, and will be on the General Election ballot.


Oregon held it’s annual State Convention on June 1st 2008, at Riverfront Park in Salem, OR. It was a BBQ, held in a lovely park, complete with a Parks Dept. employee who introduced himself “I’m with the government, and I’m here to help.”

LP Oregon nominated three candidates, and had two Presidential Candidates (Jim Libertarian Burns and Mike Jingozian) and two sitting LNC members (Vice Chair Mike Jingozian, and Region 7 Rep. Rachel Hawkridge) in attendance.

Nominated were Marc Delphine, 26th District; Jay Ellefson, 36th District; and Steve Milligan, 5th Congressional District.

Oregon allows multiple nominating conventions, and just last month, nominated Joe Tabor (State Chair) for 1st District US Congress; and Jim Karlock, 45th Dist., Ore. State Rep.

The “Press Release” that has made its way through the blogosphere is a fraud, and was not sent by LP Oregon. No one has been expelled.

The Real Washington™

A supplemental brief was filed in the I-872 case, the challenge of the state’s “Top Two” primary. We await the 9th Circuit Court’s decision. Richard Shepard, of Northwest Legal Foundation, has done an incredible job with this case. Last year, he argued it before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our Congressional candidate, John Beck, was eliminated in that primary system, and Ruth Bennett remains in the 37th District Legislative race.

LPWA is working on “LPWA News & Views”, and intend to publish both a print and web version of our new newsletter by mid-October. We’ve not published a newsletter for several years, and expect that this will be both valuable outreach and fundraising tool. Michael H. Wilson of Vancouver has taken the leadership on this project.

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